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    Will your club survive Corona Virus?

    With the realistic return of amateur boxing shows unlikely until spring of 2021 we welcome your feedback regarding the sustainability of boxing clubs, be they volunteer led or with a commercial element. Please answer the attached Poll as honestly as you can. Your vote can be changed at a later...
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    L-DRAMA, 'Doubted'

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    No.4 Basic Footwork Exercise

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    No.8: Back Hand- Cross

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    The Moochers - Essex based Ska duo

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    Allie and a young Ali lookalike!

    The unique voices of Allie Sherlock & Fabio Rodrigues
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    No.7 Trunk Rotation

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    No.2 Boxing Specific Warm Up

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    No.1 Skipping

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    No.5 Jab to Head

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    No.3 Jab to Pad with Coach

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    #44 - A Boxer’s Mindset. With All Stars Coach Preya Dhanecha
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    #43 - Coaching Autonomy with Casey ‘Steekz’ Nachman
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    #42 - Leadership with Lieutenant Colonel Shamus Kelly of the RRF
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    #41 - Italian Boxing. A chat with Coach Giuni Ligabue
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    #40 - MMA vs Boxing Coaching. With Scott Sievewright
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    #39 - Is boxing ‘in the blood?’ Nature vs Nurture. With Ross Clark
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    #38 - Shadow Boxing. Pros and Cons
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    #37 - My Coaching Mistakes
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    #36 - Which Podcasts do coaches listen to?